Accepting Minimum Effort Encourages Lazy Love.

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False intimacy……. Lazy Love

Omg. I almost don’t wanna speak on this. But alas I will.

Being trapped in false intimacy can feel like you’re running in place. Yes you’re getting some exercise that you need because your body is moving. But you’re not working out to your full potential. And depending on who you are, you’re either really comfortable not having to display much effort to get just enough exercise to get by. Orrrr… if you’re anything like me, you want so much to reach the point where you’re not just running in place. You’re running everywhere. You’re not satisfied with the less that takes little effort. You want to run as far as you can go.

I don’t know if that’s the best analogy. It’s just the one that came to mind, and I ran with it. My point is when you accept the behavior that comes with false intimacy, you allow yourself to stay in an unbalanced environment. An environment that doesn’t satisfy your true needs and wants is to be in misery. Just because someone else is comfortable with doing the bare minimum, does not mean you have to accept that behavior.

They are showing you with their actions that you don’t matter enough to them. They’re giving just enough intimacy that they feel is needed to keep you. It’s not real. If it was real they’d be putting in more of themselves. If you accept the little that’s given, you’re saying that’s all that you’re worth.

Fuck that. I know my worth. I know how honest, open, and loyal I can be. I’m fucking awesome. Know who you are. Know your worth.

To those putting out the minimum effort. Get yourself straight before you attempt to build any type of relationship with anyone. Think outside of yourself. If I have to force myself to think outside of LoOpy Land, I feel everyone else should have to do the same. Alas… feelings are not fact. 🤣

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on false intimacy and lazy love. LoOpy Land allows freedom of speech.

⁃ That LoOpy Chick 😬🍸😜

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