Throw The Whole Friendship Away.

Because fb makes you watch the video on their site I’ll give a brief description of what happens. Then you can decide to watch it if you want.

So what happens is this is supposed to be funny. But this dude decided to front on this chick to make a point. So they’re in the drive thru. He acts like he’s got her meal, then totally flips it telling her

You said we were just friends. – Fuck Boy

I get it, but I don’t. Set gender aside. If she was his home boy, dude would’ve spotted him. I haven’t seen a friendship where when it comes to food you just leave someone hanging. This seems more like he’s salty cause she’s not in his bed. In that case just throw the whole friendship away. Some times people are so in their feelings, worrying about making petty points, and playing mind games, that they don’t realize nor care what a trashy ass, dusty ass person they’re being. Smh. Breathe LoOpy, breathe😤

Comments are always welcome. Gives me something to think about 😬

– That LoOpy Chick😜🍸✌🏽

P.S. Do I feel that’s she’s entitled to a free meal because she’s female ? No. But to say that she’s your friend, then turn around and play games because you can’t get what you want is bs. Not to mention he’s not really acting like a friend. He’s acting like a child that didn’t get the toy he wanted.

I don’t own the rights to any pics in this post. Love google though.

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