Crazy Rich Asians, The True Villain Of The Movie **Spoilers**

An AMC Alist Movie Experience.

* This is not a Movie Review, just my LoOpy Thoughts *

Crazy rich Asians. 📍Spoilers📍

Before I dive into who the true villain is and why, I’ll tell you a tiny bit about movie. This movie is basically about a man born of a wealthy family in China coming home from the U.S. for a family wedding. He brings home his girlfriend that he’s never told anyone about. And all hell breaks loose…well in a Chinese way. They were angry calm.

The main conflict of the story was holding on to culture. It was the mother against the girlfriend Rachel. Rachel is innocently in love. And the mother who is against the union, is of course the villain…or is she?

Let me explain.

The mother’s biggest concern is that her son went to U.S., met an American woman, and forgot where he came from. Yes Rachel is Chinese. But she was born in the U.S. and therein lies the issue. She was raised by a Chinese mother, in a country in which the dominant culture is the grand illusion of “freedom” and selfishness. It’s promoted everywhere throughout the U.S. culture. It’s promoted for everyone to focus more on themselves than anyone else. The older we become as a country the less it is about family. Making sacrifices for your family is now considered taboo. It’s more take than give, and there is honestly no true balance.

I said all of that to say that the Mom should have been very worried. Here is this American woman, that she has never met. Dating her son who is not only changing, but developing a little bit of an American accent. Not only that. He came home a whole year later than planned. And he’s seriously dating a woman that he has not mentioned to his family.

The male lead Nick pushed so much for what he wanted, that he became exactly what his mother feared. He became selfish. He allowed the two women in his life, his mother and girlfriend to be ignorant of each other. He allowed the woman that he loved, and was dating seriously to walk into a situation blind! All because he wanted to keep his illusion that he could have whatever he wanted without consequences, good or bad. Even once they got on the plane, even when they got to China, he was not the one to tell her anything. Rachel had to find out everything about him and his family from other characters in the movie. So again I ask, is the mother truly the Villain? Or is it her son, Nick?

Nick was so wrapped up in himself that when he finally woke up, he didn’t even realize that he like his mother, had underestimated the strength of the female lead Rachel.

In the end he further proved that his mother’s worst fears had come to life when he asked Rachel to marry him the first time. With plans to move to the U.S. permanently, and leave his family. He was so very willing to leave his family,culture, and friends behind.

He wanted her so much that he would willingly cripple his family. He was ready to allow someone who wasn’t fit to run his family empire to take his place. He put everything he desired above the family that raised and molded him.

It’s kinda funny when you think about it. The mom was worried that Rachel would be too selfish and too American. The same Rachel that selflessly refused Nick’s proposal. The same Rachel that recognized that he needed his family. She refused to be the reason he lost something so important. In the end the most selfish and American of them all was Nick, her own son.

I really enjoyed this movie and I hope that Hollywood makes more Asian films with Asian leads. It was nice to see some of the Chinese culture. Though I will admit it felt like it had a lot of American influence. Especially the wedding. I’m not sure that’s exactly how a Chinese wedding is performed especially the attire. I don’t know much about Chinese culture but I’ve been lead to believe that weddings are very, very traditional. Also bachelor and bachelorette parties ? That’s kind of odd. Lol. Way unexpected. And I really don’t think that it’s part of the Chinese culture either.

This has been my first AMC Theaters Alist experience worth writing about. I really enjoy my membership and look forward to sharing more of my experiences with all of the LoOpy Land visitors.

Crazy Rich Asians. They definitely got the title right.

– Gov-Na LoOpy 🍸😜

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