My Scattered Thoughts About “Thx 4 The Luv”, an EP Released by Sumo Tre

This is NOT a music review.

Sumo Tre’s 4 song EP... I’m not gonna get technical and go super deep into the music. That’s just not me. I’m not gonna scrutinize every song piece by piece. I will talk about the vibes that I got from the music. I won’t say every song is the same, because they’re not. They do all have the same vibe. This will be more about me than it will about his EP. That’s just how it is. It will be more about how I felt about the EP.

At first I thought it gave off a chill vibe. Like just put it on my chillaxing playlist and let her fly. Then I kept playing it. Trying to catch what I was missing. I’m gonna be honest I still haven’t caught it. So I gave it, it’s own playlist. It just didn’t fit on my chillaxing playlist. The only way my brain can categorize it is hip hop + R&B with a whole lot of 90’s flavor. Outside of that I’m still processing. Sometimes it takes awhile. Would it be an insult to add Drake to this playlist ? Eh. No one outside of LoOpy Land needs to know.

My favorite song wasssss “Hvrtless”, but has recently changed to “Without You” . Probably because of the video. I really liked the video. It was different and kinda reminded me of Busta Rhymes or Outkast. Super creative and at some parts right in your face. It’s no secret that everyone loves the 90’s especially the Hip Hop & R&B scene.

This entire EP is smooth. Nothing to dance, dance crazy to. But I don’t think that’s the point….. I also don’t think it needs dance,dance crazy. As I’m writing this, I’m realizing what it is. It just sounds real. It’s not very often that I listen to something new that just gives off a real “this is me vibe”. Hmm… Maybe I need to broaden my horizon. Mayyyyybe I need to put a lot of my mainstream music aside.

See what I mean when I said this will be more about me?

Overall I will say that this was something I enjoyed listening to. At this point I’m just waiting for more. Sooo… Um…get to work Sumo and crew. The video for link “Without You”.

– That LoOpy Chick🍸😜

PS. I’ll probably revisit this one later.

Named Artist on the EP other than Sumo:

Babygr1l.mp4 ( awesome vocals by the way)


Hannya Cha0$

I’d name the producers if I knew who they were😂😂

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