Sexucation Is My Fatuation

I have a serious love for sex tutorials. I’m always hungry to learn more. Though I do wonder what motivates someone to do sex tutorials. I’m on the end that watches them. So I know what the draw is to watch. I like to see how I can improve, what I can do better. Maybe learn something new. I don’t like to be complacent. I feel that exploring and growing when it comes to sex is fun, and adds to whatever intimate relationship that you find yourself in. What I want is to figure out how the person doing the tutorials knows that their way is the best way.

Aside from those that are Sex Therapist, what makes them an expert? I’m not criticizing. I love that they make the tutorials, because I love to watch. I’m just curious about the motivation. I’m curious about the level of self-assurance they have to have to get out there and guide others. I love the confidence they have in the videos when instructing. It’s just Awesome !

My favorite tutorials to watch are done by Glamazon Tyomi. She has a show on YouTube titled GLAMerotica101. She makes you want to hop up, and go try whatever she’s doing immediately. Majority of the time she has a partner that just makes watching more fun. I’ve recently watched a stroke tutorial for men. And Wooo! I had to call it quits after that one video lol. The guy was actually a ” Stroke Specialist” or something. And OMG!!!😮😮😮 That video has made it to #1 on my list. 😆😆😆

If you enjoy watching sex tutorials comment who your favorite tutorialist is. Links are welcome !

– Gov-Na LoOpy

Check out GLAMeotica101

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That LoOpy Chick

I’m a 27 yr old woman from the Midwest. This site is a documentation of my crazy and all that it entails. Whether it’s me fighting myself, thinking out loud, or the “Grand Epiphanies” that I have every other week, it will probably be posted here. Why would I post all of it? Because it’s fun and I like it!

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