Consequences Of Being A “Ride or Die” Woman

“He forgot that he was a Nigga, he forgot that he was a Nigga!!” – Katt Williams

Let me explain.

The television show Empire displays the reality of black men when they go from nothing to something.

Am I grouping all black men? Hell no! But Kanye said it best, then followed suit.

“and then he leaves your ass for a white girl”- Kanye West

Again I say, let me explain. The world (especially men) seem to forget that behind the most powerful men are good and loyal women.

The lead woman in this television show exhibited those characteristics.

In Empire, the two characters Cookie, and her ex-husband Lucious were both hustling when they were caught. Cookie took responsibility for the whole operation. No one knew that her husband was a part of anything.

Fast forward to 17 years later, Lucious now runs a huge company and record label titled “Empire.” A company that Cookie built the foundations of. It was her money, and her skill that made the first artist, Lucious himself, a star. Am I saying it was all her? No. I’m saying that Lucious would not have achieved that level of success without Cookie. When Cookie was released from prison, he didn’t seem to care. He had his new “high class” woman. He no longer had a need for Cookie the ride or die chick. The woman that stuck by him, and pushed him to be his greatest… The same woman that he divorced, deserted, and turned his back on. All while in prison paying for the crimes that THEY committed. He treated her like a burden.

He forgot. He forgot that when he was just a thug, there was someone who was dedicated to pushing him to be more. There was someone that believed in his music, and helped him reach his potential. That there was someone that sunk $400,000 of her money into his dream to give it life. As his wife, his dream was hers, and vice versa. Had Lucious told Cookie that he wanted to reach the stars, she would’ve made sure that he could reach the moon and beyond.

Just like Lucious, many men need to be reminded. They need to know that they can’t forget who they used to be, where they came from, and who stuck by their side. If not, they take all of that love, loyalty, and support for granted.


With the newfound power that comes with money and fame, these men feel like now that they can have anyone they want, they no longer need you. Once they’re no longer under construction, they forget your value. When their dreams have been achieved, and their goals have been met, they forget that they still need you.

If your purpose as a woman has been forgotten, any sacrifice that was made feels like it was done so in vain.


Because you put your heart into him, only for him to turn his back on you as he forgets himself. You believed in him when no one else would, and for that you get to be thrown away, and forgotten. After tossing you aside, he gives all of the loyalty and love that you gave him, to another woman.

Men see high maintenance women as a higher standard and higher class. They feel that they’ve worked so hard, the only piece missing is that woman who has only 20% of what they really need. Women that would turn their backs on them if they lost everything.

These men toss away their “ride or die” woman. The one that was by their side the entire time. If he lost it all, she would pick him back up and help him rebuild. That’s what loyal, ride or die women do. It’s who we are. That “ride or die mentality” will only get us loyal women so far.

I see men all over social media asking “where are all the loyal women?”

We’re hiding. Hiding because we’re tired. We’re tired of being forgotten. We’re tired of being treated like we contribute nothing. Like an inconvenient puppy running after a man that no longer has any use for us. We’re tired of feeling silly for supporting a man that will only love us until he feels that he can do better. A man that treats us like we’re worthless.

We are NOT worthless. We are NOT something you just “settle” for.

Shout out to the men that recognize and appreciate the value of loyal women. Shout out to the men that see the real ” ride or die” women, and ignore the fake ones.

Comments are always welcome. I invite you all to share your thoughts.

– Gov-Nav LoOpy

PS. Big thanks to Valley Author for editing this post for me.

PPS. Though we may be in hiding, we’re still here. The Thing is, we’re just not riding for men that aren’t riding for us.

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