It’s Okay To Abuse Him He’s A Man

**Disclaimer **

The purpose of this piece is to address the side that I never see addressed. It’s not to dismiss the abuse of women. Simply addresses the issue in regards to the abuse of men.

It’s okay to abuse him. He’s a man.

Let’s rewind and start at the beginning with social programming…

What is Social Programming? The ideas, concepts, and beliefs of our social environment that become ingrained in our psyche. Which leads us right into why it’s okay to abuse men.

Society programs you to believe that men are strong. The only other thing that could hurt a man is another man. A woman definitely can’t abuse a man. Only he can abuse her. So when a man is hit by a woman, and he reports it. It’s always

“ why’d you let a woman hit you.”

“ You’re weak!”

It’s never.

“How dare she abuse someone she’s supposed to love”

Due to the rise of modern feminists. I find this to be completely ironic. The latest wave of feminism demands equality in all things. Except when it means having the same consequences as men. I can’t tell you how often people say

“ It happens more with women “

Does it? How do we truly know? If men rarely ever report any incidents, how do we know it happens to women more than men? Triple the amount of women that don’t report sexual assault or rape. That’s about the number of men that don’t report abuse, harassment, and rape. If a man is uncomfortable at work with the way a woman stares at or touches him, he’s less likely to report it than a woman. The main reason is he’s a man. He’s supposed to like the attention. He’s supposed to like being touched. Who would believe him anyway, right?

Men have to walk on eggshells. Second guess everything thing they do to be sure they’re not offending women. The bloody truth is women don’t have to do that. AT ALL. Yet again…. this latest wave of feminists continue to fight for the same freedoms as men. Just not the limitations and rules that men have to follow. 

Let’s look at two examples.

Two celebrity men. Two totally different situations. Same outrage. Same inequality. 

(The first one, I don’t have all of the facts.)

Rapper/actor Bow Wow

Bow Wow and his girlfriend were arrested for a domestic abuse situation. Bow Wow had scratches on his face. The woman had no marks. Instead of outrage, everyone laughed.

“ Haha Bow Wow got beat up by his girl.”

Then the more the story leaked, the more it looked like he may have hit her first. Then there was outrage.

“ How dare he hit her, he got what he deserved”

Next up is Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has been married multiple times. He’s never had any women accuse him of assault. But his latest wife did. She recorded him losing his shit on camera, and used it in court to say he abused her. He was removed from “The Pirates the Caribbean” series for it. He was also blackballed for a moment in Hollywood. She, on the other hand was cast in a blockbuster. You wanna know why? Because people were outraged that he would abuse a woman. Without even knowing the whole story. All she needed to do was say he did it. Johnny Depp has no history as an abusive man. His ex-wives even defended him. So what really happened? It turns out she was abusing him the whole time, and he hit a breaking point. He had like over 80 incidents recorded. But it was too late. He was out and on her word. Yea people were upset that she lied. But they were more upset about her lying than about Johnny Depp being abused by a woman. They’re simply not programmed to care about a woman abusing a man. Which is why it’s okay to abuse men.

Men themselves are programmed to believe they must protect their female family members from other men. They don’t even think about it. It’s just how it’s supposed to be. It seems that the only people worried about protecting men are their parents. Especially their mothers.

There are some families, especially of the urban variety that operate differently. For example. There are some sisters/female cousins that will fight other women on behalf of their brother/male cousin. Why is this? Why would a strong man need his female family members to defend his honor? It’s simple. If a woman were to hit him because he’s a man he can’t hit her back. Not without paying a hefty price. You know…because society says so. So what does he do? He informs his female family members. And they do what he can’t.

… Let’s break the bullshit down

A woman can hit a man. No problem. But a man cannot hit her back… because that’s a problem. Think about that. He can’t stand his ground. He can’t defend himself. Because it’s a woman that hit him. A woman can stand her ground if she’s hit by a man. Per society,  a woman could defend herself.

Why is that? 

People will believe her when she makes a claim that he hit her. A man won’t be believed. Due to the fact that he’s a man. Even if he is assaulted by a woman, he can take it. He probably deserved it anyway. No one cares. But modern feminist want equality. Please do tell me where the equality is. All I see are women using situations to turn the tables. Flipping the script. Using social programming in their favor, so they can do whatever they want with little to no consequences.

So to sum it all up… Modern feminist don’t truly care about equality anymore. Social programming doesn’t demand equality. Which is why it’s okay to abuse him.

He’s just a man.

– Gov-Na LoOpy


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Photo By: Airman 1st Class Ryan Lackey 

Edited by: Micante James

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That LoOpy Chick

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