Omarion’s Revenge? Nah.

It’s time for a LoOpy Rant!

People truly are sheep. No one seems to do their own research.

It seems that no one has actually listened to the interviews. People on social media seem to just spread rumors while soaking up media bullshit?

Here’s a speedy fast breakdown of the Omarion/ B2K situation.

Omarion was the lead singer in a boy band back in the day. They had a reunion tour this year that went really well. Fast forward a little. Between Love & Hip Hop ( a reality show), and the media a narrative has been created. No one has seemed to have watched any of the interviews that I stumbled across. It’s just assumed that there is a love triangle.

Basically how it went down… based on the two interviews that I watched. Omarion’s ex and mother of his children started dating a member of b2k after they broke up. The guy’s name is Fizz. Everyone thinks because O and Fizz were in the same band that it must mean they’re friends. When In two interviews it’s been confirmed that O has never been friends with any of the B2K members. They’re just associates and coworkers. Basically O was added to the group and there was never much of a bond. Apparently O has always been focused on professionalism and his career.

Anyway in the middle of their last tour one member of B2k was arrested. I cant remember which. Another member, Fizz is taking advantage of the media. Fizz is attempting to portray a love triangle that isn’t there. Sooo. Next tour O is performing as a solo artist. No b2k.

Everyone seems to think this is O’s revenge on Fizz. It possibly is. Even though they aren’t close. He still would have to be around a dude playing on social media to continue a narrative that he doesn’t want to be a part of.

Personally I think it’s more than that. I think it’s more complicated as a band. Based on what happened on the last tour, it just makes sense to come back solo. One person getting arrested can ruin the tour for the rest of the group. It can also affect the fans. If anything he simply killed two birds with one stone.

Any who. I try not to be long winded. So I’m gonna end this with a piece of advise. Please listen to the interviews vs the rumors. Smh.

– Informative LoOpy

Ps. The links to the two interviews are below. You should take everything Apryl Jones (Omarion’s Ex) says with a grain of salt. She contradicts herself too much.

Omarion’s Vlad Interview:

Apryl Jones‘ Nick Cannon Interview

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