Anti-Friendly Ghost (Rewrite)

Written September 2011

Originally posted on

 ( my old blog )

watermark (2)

Anti-Friendly Ghost

Do you feel that cold breeze?

How can you not, it never stops!

Can you truly not hear me? 

How can you not ! I’ve been screaming a lot!

I shiver and scream, but it seems that no one hears me 


Hidden in plain sight, I blend in with the walls,

I am the voice you can’t seem to hear

I am the face you can’t see

I am the silence you never cease to ignore


This is the existence that I didn’t know I needed to fear

To hear nothing but silence, and feel nothing but chills

To be trapped in a vicious nightmare that never ends

A lost spirit with no hope

I am the anti-friendly ghost

nope this one

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