Baby Fever

Baby Fever

October 2016

So because I’m 22 years old I should umm.. pretty much feel like the first picture on the left. The one with Sheldon covering his nose. Instead the picture on the right is a better description of me. Yeps…the one with Doogie Howser.

The worst thing for a woman like me, with impregnation fantasies, is to actually get a job paying enough (with really good insurance)that I can almost actually afford to have a baby.Smh🙈.

– Wannabe Pregnant Brat (lol 😂)

Published by

That LoOpy Chick

I’m a 27 yr old woman from the Midwest. This site is a documentation of my crazy and all that it entails. Whether it’s me fighting myself, thinking out loud, or the “Grand Epiphanies” that I have every other week, it will probably be posted here. Why would I post all of it? Because it’s fun and I like it!

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