Netflix’s “The Upshaws” Review

The new Netflix show “The Upshaws” starring Wanda Sykes, Kim Fields, and Mike Epps.


I don’t have very much to say about this show. It’s a stupid kind of funny. Which is right up Mike Epps alley. It’s his usual mo. Mike Epps takes on the heinous character Bennie Upshaw, and Kim Fields as Bennie’s wife Regina… Yes Kim Fields went from Regine to Regina. I had a good chuckle when I found out her character’s name.

Outside of the humor I couldn’t get over how the wife Regina deserved a better husband than the one she married. Like seriously. He wasn’t even dumb. He just did shady stuff all of the time. ALL OF THE TIME. Bennie simply needed to communicate honestly, and failed to do so on multiple occasions. It’s as if he was allergic to telling the truth. Bennie’s shenanigans were funny in the first few episodes, however the more episodes I watched the more annoying he became.

When I talked to my mom about this, her response was “That’s how it usually is.” Meaning generally in a marriage there is one partner that deserves a lot better, but settled. Honestly before Bennie started trying to get his family back, dude was only useful for sex, and maybe a little money, obviously not enough considering he took her school money without asking. Regina literally did all of the work with the kids, went to work, and took care of everything at home. He did nothing but go to work, barely work, then come home. Bennie had the nerve to take the one thing Regina asked him to leave alone. HER SCHOOL MONEY. He brought nothing to the table but inappropriate jokes, and sex. He’s a terrible character. I told my mom there’s no way. I’d rather be by myself. Do you know what she said ? “Well babe, of course you would. You are of a new, and different generation.”

Is … is that what the previous generation really did ? Did they really settle for crappie partners? Why ? Different times I guess. Different goals. A different way of doing things.

Wanda Sykes dominated the character Lucretia. Not including dating a married man, her character did, and said everything I would have, and more! Lucretia wanted her sister Regina to be happy. Lucretia recognized how hard that would be to achieve with a husband like King Shady (Bennie). Lucretia also wasn’t against Bennie becoming a better father, and husband. She did however doubt that he would change, and rightly so!

Overall the show is decent. It’s definitely entertaining. If you can stomach Bennie, it will definitely tickle your funny bone.

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