Dating Doesn’t Work For Me

I am no longer dating. I am however accepting applications for a life partner/husband. 

Confused?? Let me explain.

These days there are so many expectations that come with dating. So many relationships are moving too fast. Instant gratification plays a big part in this. Personally, I’d like to take my time. I’d like to be friends. I’d like to have a strong foundation. I want someone to see all sides of me before I take certain steps. The angry, pouty, crazy, clumsy, thoughtful, loyal, and mouthy sides of me. I would also like to get to know all sides of that person. So how am I accepting applications without dating ? I actually prefer the idea of courtship

I could take the time to explain why courting is better, but I don’t want to, and so many other websites have already done it. In fact these two websites below do a great job at explaining why courtship is better. Especially for those that are looking for more than casual intimate acquaintances.

I’m honestly not even sure I’d be ready for marriage. I don’t feel the need to be “ young and single.” It’s just outside of my stunning personality, work ethic, and basic income I don’t have much to offer. I wouldn’t mind building with another person. I’m not against working hard. I’m still working on building my finances, and credit. Till those things are corrected I don’t feel like I bring much to the table. Feelings are not fact, but I feel I should have more to offer.

I’m currently learning to go with the flow versus planning every moment of my life. I previously had my entire life planned out. Nothing is as it was supposed to be. I planned my life at 18 yrs old. I don’t even want the same things anymore. I developed a bad habit of rushing to meet the deadlines I created for myself, only for things to end badly. These days I’m moving slow, and I’m a lot more cautious. I don’t want any unnecessary soul ties that I’ll just have to break myself from later. It’s a painful process.

As I said before I’m no longer dating. I am however open to meeting people, building friendships, and courtships. If I get married, I want a real bond. I want it to be a blessed union. 

Just some LoOpy Thoughts 


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