The Evolution Of LoOpy Land 

LoOpy Land is a place of freedom and expression. There was a time when no one but me had access to the wonders that is this wacky place. One day when I was about 13 yrs old, I decided to unlock the massive Willy Wonka sized gate , and allowed the world to take a peek inside.

I started with poems. I wanted to share my poems with the world ! … Or at least someone other than my mom. Who would say…

“It’s good, but it makes me wanna stick a hot poker in my eye!” – Gov-Na LoOpy’s Mom.

Even though my mom described my poetry as if I was a serial killer in the making, I was totally fine.

At that time I called myself “young broken poet

… Yea Dont ask. I’m convinced that the aliens had taken my brain for research around that time. Oh teenage angst, thou art a heartless bitch.

I took a break from writing and blogging around 17. I got back into it around 21 when I discovered tumblr. I’ve had multiple tumblrs. Some naughty ( don’t look for them, they’re gone ) others pretty tame. At some point I outgrew my naughty tumblrs, and the attention it attracted. I settled on “Wandering Brat”. Wandering Brat has three birthdays on it, so I’d have to say that it has been around for over three years. The theme of the blog was “Sub/Brat”. It was me expressing my woes in the role that I chose in the BDSM lifestyle. Please don’t go looking for it. Too much whining. Personally it gives me a headache. Though if you’re looking to torture yourself, be my guest.

How did I go from “ Young Broken Poet” to “Wandering Brat” , and finally to “ Gov-Na LoOpy” ? I have no clue. There are so many names in between that it’s ridiculous. I’ve lost count. And to be honest, I don’t really wanna remember. If my brain has blocked it out, it’s done so for a reason.

I’ll skip all of the rest, and explain how the name Gov-Na LoOpy came along. “LoOpy” Is my PSN(play station) name. Everyone calls me LoOpy now apparently it fits. “Gov-Na LoOpy” just kinda happened. Once I started calling this place LoOpy Land I decided someone had to Govern it. I’ve always liked how the british say “Guv-Na” , so I americanized it, and bam!! There we have it ( Tipsy Bartender voice) .

I also feel that it gives me a license to be LoOpy. Mainly because the name itself is a warning of what you are to experience when you read, watch, or listen to me. It’s telling you NOT to expect the normal or average behavior that usually comes from a Woman. But also, you CAN expect the normal and average behavior that usually comes from a woman. See what I did there ? 😜

I know this is long and if you’ve gotten this far, thanks for hanging tough with me. It is my hope that when you come to this site that you are entertained. I hope that some of my post encourage you to stop, and think on certain things. And that you just have the most awesome fun reading, watching, and listening to the material on this site.

So again if you’ve made it this far Thanks! Thanks for stopping by, thanks for making it through this book of a post. I wish you the best as you explore through the menu at the top right. If you see something you like, don’t be shy. Share, comment, and like. Spread the awesomeness that is LoOpy Land.

~ Gov-Na LoOpy ~


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