Nicki Minaj vs. The World

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So after all I’ve seen I can’t be me and not speak on it. The moment Remy Ma stepped back onto the scene, the world has been attacking Nicki Minaj ruthlessly. It’s like everyone including the media flipped on her. And just damn.

Things got worse when Cardi B blew up. A lot of stuff was said, and a lot of people accused her of things. And the accusations soley stem from assumptions about random things that no one truly knows about. One of the biggest criticisms is about her remaining silent, and not moving on the world’s timeline as they demanded her to. She stayed to herself and put in work on her music. As she should have.

You gotta explain to me the money she would’ve been making had she moved on the world’s timeline. Not to mention I’d like to toss out that she’s a Sagittarius. If you wanna make demands and rush a Sagittarius, that’s a good way to get them to do the opposite. You don’t have to believe in zodiacs. You just have to know that’s what happened. She moved exactly how she wanted to, and when she wanted to. The most absurd thing I’ve found in this entire mess is that the world demanded responses and answers. And when she finally gave them what they asked for. When she gave them the show that they had been waiting for, what do they do ? They complain again. The same people that demanded answers, and responses are now crticizing her for responding ! Like what ! You. Really. Can. Not. Please. These. People! See, this is why Wayne and Em got together and dropped the world on they asses.

(Yes I meant they, not their. Feel the pain!)

Back to Nicki. Know this. Nicki Minaj is first and foremost an entertainer. A professional entertainer. Not just that. She enjoys putting on a show! In and outside of her music. I can tell based on watching her interviews and performances. She enjoys playing a role. Being a character in a story. Taking on a different persona to entertain. That’s very easy to see. And the thing about being a musician is if you’re true to yourself, rapper or not, aside from your label you craft your art the way you want to. You present it on your terms, and fuck the haters.

Fair weather fans, and professional haters really rule the world. They drive me bonkies.

I really can’t be the only one who thinks like this. Comments are welcome. Whether you agree or not. I love hearing thoughts outside of my own.

This has been an unnecessary rant from yours truly. I hope that you’re enjoying your stay here in LoOPy Land. The land in which I dwell 24/7, 365.

– That LoOpy Chick🍸😜✌🏽

P.S. And how are they gonna criticize her for being raunchy, then turn around and praise Cardi B new ass? That is all. Good day!….. I said Good Day!