Throwback Thursday: 17 Yr. Old LoOpy The Poet

Originally Written April 2011

Originally posted on

 ( my old blog )

Infinite Fantasy Land

  My imagination use to be the safest place for me.

Now… it’s the most dangerous 

My imagination blinds me, forcing me out of reality.

Creating a world full of endless possibilities,

taking me on a ride that never ends 

Trapping me in my very own infinite fantasyland 


In the land of the real world.

On this planet we call earth.

I am alone.

Living a life overloaded with boredom, and constrained possibilities

Living a life in an overly controlled environment.

Condemned to diminutive limits.

Living in a world ruled by greedy narcissist, inhabited by easily influenced imbeciles. 

Brainless monkeys taught to beg and crawl 

Thus my irrepressible imagination!


I fall into my rabbit hole,

I give into the continuous hallucinations 

I ostracize the real world, and the people that come with it 

What used be a safe get away,

is now a dangerous place


I am Lost to the land of delusions.

Dreams are mistaken for reality.

I am trapped.


Stuck in my infinite fantasyland.